I’m a Diva, Not a Fraud

I watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver because it’s a great show that talks about what’s broken with American society and what can potentially be done to fix it. I’m usually one to agree with Oliver, but his show segment called Psychics, I can’t blindly support him or one-hundred percent agree with.

I can’t agree with his show because I consider myself a psychic. So much so that I’m basing my whole life and business around it. I’ve had many moving experiences happen to me that can’t be explained by science, and can only be summarized as faith and belief.  We who believe in psychic, otherworldly abilities, anticipate that not everyone shares our values.  We understand that.  That’s why there are people of either different religions or who don’t believe in anything at all.

While I fully agree that there are fraudulent psychics that need to be dealt with, calling the life experience of anyone claiming to have a psychic gift is massively generalizing or diminishing the experiences of everyday people. The whole reason I decided to become a professional intuitive reader was that I feel that everyone has psychic ability. (Yes, I believe that you reading this has psychic ability.). Since everyone has this gift, then anyone can cultivate that gift. They can practice just like someone practicing a musical instrument. It may take time, but eventually, everyone can have great psychic ability. While on that journey, if I can help you by offering advice, readings, products, or services, I will.

What Oliver and I agree with is that the psychics that want to take advantage of people’s hopes and fears should be punished and charged with fraud. I believe that fair compensation should include time spent with the client, mileage, materials used, education and experience of the psychic.  Those that don’t want to empower others and instead exploit people should be the object of Oliver’s ire.

Understand one thing, I the Prima Diva, will always be here to offer my genuine self to help you. Why? Because nobody wants a fraud.